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Christmas is coming!!!!

And just to get you into the festive mood here is a nice, soothing Christmas medley from Youtube.

CHRISTMAS MUSIC – Best Christmas Songs Playlist – Christmas Songs Medley – Christmas Carols

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Perfection is a relative term. To me this is ALMOST perfect; but then again to me nothing is 100% perfect.

Check it out:

The perfect relationship

The perfect relationship

I know this is a little hazy image and you probably cannot read it well. Check out the original at: Striving for this perfect relationship.

Biryani-Pulao Roundup

I am a big big foodie! This one is for all of those who confuse the Biryani and the Pulao concepts.

Yep! A good variation to a cool drink. So much better than sodas.


I am a foodie. And this is SINFULLY delicious just to look at. I know I’m going to Hell. But Hell is a sacrifice I don’t mind making.

The Domestic Man

Rouladen is the German version of the French roulade, which is a roll made with thinly-sliced meat. The German version is interesting in that it probably came from Germans using items they had on hand most of the time – mustard, pickles, onion, and pork – to make something that’s unique in its own right. What’s even better is that these characteristics also make it easy to throw together this delicious meal with items you probably already have in your kitchen.

There’s no denying the French influence on this dish, with its use of a wine and broth braise (although Germans sometimes use beer instead) and mirepoix vegetables to add flavor. It’s commonly thought that Rouladen was originally made with strips of pork, although beef has become the most popular meat for this dish over the past century.

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This is an interesting piece of writing that I stumbled upon.