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So why not go ahead and check it out?

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A year of themes

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I had friends who died in this attack. I had seniors I worked with at the Taj who passed away. All I could do was watch the news from a coffeeshop in Bangalore .. and cry cry cry.

Shakshuka – Breakfast, Dinner, Snack???



If you ogle food photos on the regular like everyone ever, you’ve probably come across Shakshuka. After initial thoughts of “HEY WHAT A FUN WORD” subside, you have a choice: Make the Shakshuka that basically just undressed you with its eyes, or button up and move along to more food porn. Being a BWOACIS (Bitch Without A Cast Iron Skillet) myself, I always thought Shakshuka was just another unreachable dream. The dragon of my post-meal stupors.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “WOW SHAKSHUKA IS STILL SUCH A FUN WORD,” but also “Hey Molly, just buy a cast iron skillet already.” Excellent argument. But they look so heavy and I don’t have a car. The better, equally extremely obvious answer is just use a baking dish. Dipshit. So that’s what happened. What an exciting turn of events!



Let’s talk about Shakshuka (FUN!) for a bit. It’s a Tunisian dish of poached eggs in…

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Christmas is coming!!!!

And just to get you into the festive mood here is a nice, soothing Christmas medley from Youtube.

CHRISTMAS MUSIC – Best Christmas Songs Playlist – Christmas Songs Medley – Christmas Carols

Share your own Christmas goodies with me and my followers!




Perfection is a relative term. To me this is ALMOST perfect; but then again to me nothing is 100% perfect.

Check it out:

The perfect relationship

The perfect relationship

I know this is a little hazy image and you probably cannot read it well. Check out the original at: Striving for this perfect relationship.

This is something I happened to come across in the newspapers. The Edit Page is one of my favourites.

Why not have a read and let me know what you think too.

This is something I found on The Write Life site. For all you “wannabe” and struggling writes (p.s. this includes me) why not have a go at this .. Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing: Which Should You Choose?

Courtesy of: The Write Life

This is a quick fix snack. Healthier than potatoes.